Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Escalators album Wrapped in Plastic has officially been released through Jazzhead

Its picking up alot of airplay and great reviews

Also Im About to head to Europe for the first of three times this year with CW Stoneking

Here are the tour dates


14 Black Cotton Club London

15 Last days of Decadence London

16 Whipoorol Club Sheffield

18 Diavolo Blues Club London

19 La Tipi Liege

20 59:1 Munchen

21 Bassy Club Berlin

22 Mariaberg Rorschach

24 Bassy Club Berlin

25 Zoro Liepzig

26 ARM Club Kassel

27 Tap Tab Schaffhausen

28 Der Bock Mannheim

29 Naked Song Festival Eidnfhoven


3 013 Tilburg

4 Patronart Haarlem

8 the Lexington London

I will be updating this blog regularly with tour stories

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