Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reviews and News

The Escalators completed a very successful first show of our national tour on Friday at The Melbourne Recital Center.
The show sold out which was fantastic. At this show we introduced an installation built for DJ Element to perform in which was designed and built by Michelle Robinson and David Murphy and looked fantastic.
Our album and show have been getting great reviews and radio play radio.

I have included an interview (click on the url below) I did with Andrew Ford for The Music Show which gives good insight into some of the thinking behind the music and the video and set design devised for our show

a review of the live show

and is one from 3D world

3D World
Melbourne’s Kynan Robinson is well known for his contributions to bands such as CW Stoneking, The Primitive Horn Orchestra and more, yet it’s his work as The Escalators which truly pushes boundaries; calling on all his talent and daring to fuse auditory and visual aspects in a truly engrossing live show.

And The Herald Sun

It is surprising how well this music, inspired by artistic concepts of filmaker David Lynch, stands up independent of it's links to Twin Peaks. The Lynch pin track 23 minute Log Lady is slow to develop but totally absorbing and unexpectadly restful despit its mood of mystery, dark portents and events unfolding.
The composer Kynan Robinson has created a well integrated journey in sound, Horns give a sence of space and significance, while DJ Element adds snippets of voice and "bird calls" that are not out of place. This is a surreal body of work worth unwrappin. 4 Stars

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